5 top tips to help you achieve your new year goals

17th January 2017

5 top tips to help you achieve your new year goals
Is your new years fitness campaign beginning to waver? Luckily for you, this guide reveals the best way to stick with your work out plan and achieve your goals.

There really are no excuses! All you need is the right attitude and a few of our handy tricks that you can use to keep on track.

Top Tip 1 – Pick something enjoyable!

It might sound a little obvious! But there is a lot more to it than that.. people who choose to get first for externally motivated reasons (wanting to look good for a wedding for example) are unlikely to stick to it. However, the people who succeed are those who exercise for enjoyment.

Admittedly, it takes a very special kind of person to enjoy running outdoors in January! However, there are other options available to you. On Pilates Near You you will be able to find a thousands of classes suitable for hardcore fitness fanatics and more relaxed individuals who would like to experience the all round benefits of Pilates. Did you know Pilates has the lowest drop out rate of any sport? Because people enjoy it!

Top Tip 2 – Take advantage of special offers!

Getting in shape can be expensive, gyms aren't cheap! There are however plenty of Pilates Studios in your local area who are offering block booking discounts. Not does this make you financially motivated to sticking to your fitness plan, you can also save yourself some money!

A great place to find local pilates class offers is Pilates Near You. There are hundreds of instructors offering discounts all across the USA.

Top Tip 3 – Set realistic goals!

At the beginning of the year, it's far too easy to set yourself unrealistic goals and expectations. Unfortunately this often leads people in to breaking their overly ambitious routine, and this leads to a complete break down in your fitness efforts. Be flexible! If you happen to miss a class this week don't worry. You can always go to an extra one next week!

Top Tip 4 – Bring a friend!

Unfortunately that day you'd rather spend lounging on the sofa than going to your class is all too easy to give in to. Luckily it is much harder to let a friend down! It is also more enjoyable to learn a new skill with a friend and develop together.

Recent studies show that people who work out with their friend attend more classes, and stay for longer in the gym.

Top Tip 5 – Rewards yourself!

Sometimes it can take a little while to see progress. So it is extremely important to celebrate when you do! If you have managed to make every class for 2 weeks then treat yourself to a day out. Or if you meet your weight loss goal then then treat yourself to the new pair of jeans you were eyeing up!

Are you ready to meet your goals this year?

Are you ready to make a life changing decision and attend a local pilates class? Then make sure you keep these top tips in your mind.

To find a pilates class in your local neighbourhood all you need to do is visit Yoga Class Near You. You can search using your location, and explore the profiles of the nearest instructors. All you need to do then is use the contact button to send them a message and they will reply to you shortly!
Source: Pilates Near You