Everything you need to know about one to one Pilates classes!

20th April 2017

Everything you need to know about  one to one Pilates classes!
Pilates offers an exciting and different way of sensing the body and experiencing movement. It is designed to activate dormant muscles and start to feel connections in your body from underused muscles. You probably can't imagine what that feels like and it might not make much sense to you.. but that's because you haven't tried Pilates and experienced it for yourself!

The best way of learning the fundamentals of Pilates and mastering your first few steps of stabilization, mobilization, alignment and breathing is in a one to one Pilates class.

In a private Pilates class you receive a more personalized session. It is tailored to your strengths, weaknesses and your personal goals. You also have the opportunity to ask questions directly and let the class move at your own pace.

Having immediate feedback from your Pilates instructor with 100% hands on personalized attention will accelerate and deepen your understanding of the Pilates method. As well as helping you reach your goals and advance your experience at a greater rate.

One to One Pilates classes can be tailored to meet a wide variety of different needs. Whether you're looking to improve sporting performance, tone your body, recover from injury or just improve your general well being and fitness levels.

What are the benefits of One to One Pilates classes?

- Claiming a better understanding of the underlying principles and methods
- Specifically targeting specific areas to tone
- Personalized injury recovery
- Alignment and posture correction
- Improving sports performance in specific areas

How can I find a local One to One Pilates class?

If you're searching for a local Private Pilates class then look no further than Pilates Near You. On Pilates Near You there are hundreds of local pilates instructors offering one to one Pilates classes all over the USA. Whether you're looking for one to one Pilates classes in New York or One to One Pilates classes in Los Angeles there will be something to meet your needs.

All you need to do is search using your location and refine the style of your search to one to one Pilates classes. Once you have done this you will be able to see all of the instructors in your local area that offer private Pilates classes.

If you're searching on your mobile phone Download The NearYou App and find and book a class in a matter of seconds!
Source: Pilates Near You