Fall in Love with Pilates

20th September 2017

Fall in Love with Pilates
The Fall is a great time to get fit and healthy. The kids are back at school or college, leaving more time in the evenings. Fall is the perfect time to embark on something you love, get fit and stay trim.

Now is a great time to do the things that will help you reach your life goals.

Why not try a Pilates class this fall?

Pilates is a low impact form of exercise, meaning it is suitable for everyone no matter what age you are or your level of fitness. Beginners are welcome so why not enrol in a class today?

Make new friends

Most people join a class mid September, so you will be in good company. It is a great way to meet new people and FEELGOOD.

Pilates classes can be inexpensive

Prices vary widely; independent instructors charge between $20-$35 for group classes in major cities such as New York and San Francisco, to $10 - £20 in the suburbs.

Equipment based classes are more expensive because they require personal attention. In Chicago you may pay $70 an hour, and in Dallas $25. It depends on the Pilates studio and what local people are prepared to pay.

Most Pilates studios and instructors offer deals or Pilates class passes/memberships that offer discounts. Be prepared to look around, and use Pilates Near You to find a local class with great deals.

No need for expensive sports equipment

Most people enrol in a beginners mat class. Basic Pilates exercise will help you tone up and feel better after only a few sessions. Many studios provide mats for students, although most students buy their own. If you need to buy a mat you can purchase them from as little as $18.

Equipment based Pilates Studios are plentiful, and they provide everything you need as part of the Pilates session.

No need for specialist clothing

Loose, comfortable, casual clothing is all you need for a beginners group mat class. T-shirts and loose fitting pants or leggings - no need for specialist shoe. Most studios have a shoes-off policy,

Pilates is more about getting toned up and building up core strength rather than being a fashion statement. Make sure that you're comfortable. If any specialist clothing is required, your instructor will let you know.

Easy to find a Pilates Class Near You

Find a Pilates Class quick and easy use website. Look out for special offers and introductory deals. Classes tend to book up fast this time of year. So book one today and FEELGOOD.
Source: NearYou