Free Pilates Studio Directories are they worth it?

1st March 2017

Free Pilates Studio Directories are they worth it?
Hints and tips for marketing your Pilates Studio on the internet

The world is changing fast and most businesses recognize that the internet is the cheapest and fastest way to get new students. About 85% of your customers search for local businesses online.

The growth in consumer use of the internet continues with printed directories like Yellow pages suffering terminal decline, as are local papers as they struggle to find advertisers.

The only real alternative is “The Internet” which offers businesses across the US a more cost effective advertising and marketing solution that actually works.

Where is the best place to advertise my Pilates Studio?

Today’s consumer searches online before they do anything else. Their first step towards making a purchase is to hit on their computers at work or at home. The thing is, there's lots of choice.. That's why we're look at the pros and cons of places where you can advertise Pilates studios.

Free Pilates Studio Directories?

Most Pilates instructors initially opt for the free option. Why? Because it's a free directory listing.

Pros: Here you get to list your Pilates Studio amongst lots of other Pilates studios and Pilates teachers. Some have good Google positioning so that's a plus. You get to add your Pilates studio listing and contact information, a picture and a couple of hundred words about your business. A few offers and a map location.

Cons: Your Pilates studio will be listed amongst hundreds of other Pilates businesses and many of these will probably be no longer in business or will have changed their address, name or contact information. This is a problem because they are free listings - there's no incentive for Pilates studios or teachers to keep their listing up -to-date.

What does this mean? Put simply, you're advertising your business in a Free directory that consumers soon realise has little to no value. They send off an inquiry and never get a reply. Once bitten, twice shy, they never return.

Even though these directories are free it costs you valuable time adding your studio information. Even worse, pretty soon you too will forget your listing forget your password! Before you know it you have an out of date listing with the wrong information and you can't remember your login details!

These directories are free so there's little to no support all the while your wrong information is out there creating a real bad impression.

Verdict: Avoid

Yelp Revue website listings?

Today reviews are important, people like to read reviews before making a purchase. Businesses such as Yelp have grown on the back of review listings.

Pros: Get your Pilates studio listing for free, get reviews, get your contact information, brief business description out there. Add some pictures and ask your customers to give you reviews. Sounds good. Too good to be true- probably.

Cons: The one thing that many Pilates business don't like about these review websites is they have no control over the reviews. This is important because competitors can write reviews and you could lose business and reputation over night. It's a dangerous game. The end game for these businesses is revenue and they will sell you local ads. Like they say there's no such thing as a free lunch and the costs of advertising can be $400-500 a month!

Verdict: Risky

Facebook Social Media Business Pages:

The classic place is Facebook you get to list your business on Facebook via a Facebook Page. Sounds good!

Pros: Add pictures, add comments and post statuses, like people, add your opening times and contact details. Even add events, you can also choose what kind of business page style is best suited to your business. Again such generous must be rewarded.

Cons: When Facebook business pages first launched you could reach thousands of people. Now most business profiles reach very few in some case hardly any. You will of course be prompted to pay to promote your posts. Effectively of no real value unless you pay for advertising.

Verdict: Time consuming, expensive and in reality its advertising so get your credit card out if you really want it to work.

Google+ Business listing

This offers businesses a business listing review and very basic information about your business. Very similar to Facebook's offering in that its designed to lure you into advertising. It's also dangerous because anyone can leave a review and there no way you can remove them. Bad reviews can be very bad for businesses.

Pros: Free listing basic information appears on maps includes telephone numbers, opening hours, pictures brief description of business. Its a free listing on Google search.

Cons: Reviews can be very problematic and if you get bad reviews your pretty much stuck with no-one to talk to. Nothing is for free its main aim is to capture your information and sell you advertising. Plus it gets cluttered with competitors and its difficult to stand out.


A new platform in the USA that promotes your activity. It has lots of useful information as to why people should get involved and it is focused on helping businesses get more students. That's important because new students are often beginners and useful advice about what they can expect helps them to make informed decisions.

It's not free because if it were free businesses would rarely update a listing, If they have to pay then they will. Plus it attracts people who want to promote their businesses not businesses that have a half arsed attitude.

It includes a whole range of online distribution channels including, web, mobile and social media. It includes reviews but they can only be left by people who attended and paid. Reviews are moderated and their customer resolution team will step in if required.

Pros: Impressive system includes a mobile app, web profiles, instructor profiles, introduction to the business, class event and workshop schedules, even add training and retreats.

Add videos, has automated reviews or you can upload your own.

Link to social media accounts automatically updates your fans when you update your profile.

Has a growing list of page one positions on Google and Bing, plus they actively promote your activity and businesses.

Plus your business is included in the NearYou platform which includes iPhone App and website.

Its inexpensive, flat fees so you can plan your budget for the year. No hidden charges for services. You will have to pay more if you add more venues or classes but you get a good lot even on the basic package, enough for most businesses.

Cons: Its new and growing. However it appeals to businesses who are fed up with the nightmare of dealing with big internet companies constantly changing how they do their business and offering little to no customer service.


Well every business has to make choices and the NearYou comes out top if you take into account your time ... that includes free advertising (which we now know is not really free).

The NearYou platform is different and very cost effective, many people use it without a website. In reality most small business don't need a website. In fact websites are costly burden requiring constantly updated, SEO work, new images all of which takes time and money. Many smaller businesses attract very few visitors and lack the functionality that today's consumers demand.

Why not use the NearYou platform that takes the hassle away for only $100 a year. It includes an online booking and payment option that's included.

The NearYou platform is attracting a new community of people who want value for money, service and a focus on promoting their businesses not a giant corporation who sees its customers as something to be harvested.

Join today...
Source: Pilates Near You