How to find a local Pilates class in the USA

5th May 2017

How to find a local Pilates class in the USA
Pilates has grown in popularity over the years, in part due to the celebrity obsession with it and in other part because of the fact that it is so effective.

I'm sure you've probably read all about it, so I don't need to go into too much detail about why you really need to join a Pilates class. But just in case, here are just a few on the benefits.

The benefits of a Pilates Class

- It strengthens the muscles around the spine, preventing back pain and allowing you a great range of motion.

- It relieves joint pain, especially in those who suffer from conditions such as arthritis. This helps increase your range of motion and makes day to day tasks easier.

- Pregnant? Prepare or repair your body with a pregnancy yoga class!

- Prevent muscular imbalance. If you take part and train for competitive sport, this is a great way to make sure you are well balanced and evenly conditioned.

- Pilates is great for injury recovery, whether you are an athlete or not. A tailored Pilates routine can help you target and strengthen specific areas.

- Boost your confidence. Always wanted a toned stomach? Pilates is a great way to get you lean and toned, without having to put yourself through a grueling Gym workout.

Choosing the right Pilates class

That's where Pilates Near You can help. With some many types of Pilates on offer, choosing the right class can be difficult. The first question is; Mat class or reformer class?

Pilates Mat Classes are a great way for beginner's to learn the basics of the exercise, especially if you have concerns about physical limitations. Group classes help you get a feel for Pilates and make new friends.

Reformer Pilates Classes can also be suitable for beginners but it's usually advised that you master the basics on the mat first. A reformer is equipped with weight resistant springs that help create a more challenging workout.

One to One Pilates Tuition is also an option. If you're really focused on learning quickly and getting it right from the off, having a private lesson means you can get closer attention and this will help prevent bad habits. Likewise, if you have a really specific goal that you want to achieve, a good Pilates instructor will work with you to tailor a routine to your needs.

Finding a Pilates Class Near Me

Once you've made the decision to try Pilates and found a suitable class, then the next step is finding a class. Thankfully, we make that part easy.

On Pilates Near You, there are highly experienced and qualified Pilates instructors across the US that are offering there services. With a wide range of classes spanning from Pilates Mat Classes in New York, right across the country to reformer Pilates classes in Los Angeles, there will definitely be one to suit you.

To find a Pilates class near you, all you need to do is search your location on our homepage to see what Pilates Studios are nearby.

Alternatively, if you're on an iPhone, download the 'NearYou' App!. The NearYou App helps you find local classes, provides a convenient way for you to book online and will even give you reminders and directions pre-class. Make sure you check it out and find a class today.
Source: NearYou