How to find a Pilates classes for Seniors

26th July 2017

How to find a Pilates classes for Seniors
Pilates is a system of exercises designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture and enhance mental awareness. Anyone can join a Pilates class, age is no barrier, nor is fitness level.

Pilates classes are perfect for seniors because they offer a low impact form of exercise focusing on stability, balance and posture.

For seniors suffering from age related ailments such as Arthritis, it helps maintain movement, overcome rigidity and become more supple.

Why Pilates is good for seniors

As people get older movement can become more difficult. Maintaining fitness and health is important, but for seniors maintaining mobility and balance becomes even more important. By attending a Pilates class seniors can improve their quality of life.

Statistically, one in five falls causes serious injury and the major reason for this is a challenge to balance or strength. If this challenge overwhelms our ability to remain upright, we fall.

Younger people can react quickly to most situations and remain upright whereas older people have a reduced capacity to stay on their feet. The upshot is that Pilates classes for seniors helps older people improve balance, flexibility and general fitness.

The end result is that give seniors will have greater mobility, balance and fitness, as well as increased confidence in in undertaking everyday tasks and reduced risk of falls.

Pilates Senior Teachers

Pilates classes and workshops are usually modified by the instructor to take into account seniors levels of fitness, mobility and any ailments.

Most Pilates instructors will usually require a one to one session prior to attending a group class to assess individuals core strength, fitness, flexibility and take into account any ailments such as back pain or medical conditions.

Look for instructors who have undertaken courses in teaching seniors. They are trained to understand the teaching requirements.

IMPORTANT: Seniors suffering from any ailment should consult their health advisor first before attending a Pilates class.

What can you expect in a seniors Pilates Class

Senior Pilates Classes tend to be smaller and modified to recognise that older people will not have the same level of flexibility and mobility of younger students.

Senior Pilates Classes Quick Take away

- Classes tend to be smaller
- Classes are tailored for people with less flexibility
- Gentler mid-range movements to reduce joint compression
- Instructors have training in taking senior classes
- Classes can be mat based or equipment based

A well-trained instructor will be able to keep all necessary factors in mind for each individual in the class.

Where can I find a Pilates class for seniors?

You can find senior's pilates classes on PilatesNearYou, just enter your location and select seniors from the search menu. Alternatively if you don't see any specialist classes in your area, contact the local studios and instructors.
Source: Pilates Near You