Marketing local Pilates classes just got a lot easier

6th October 2016

Marketing local Pilates classes just got a lot easier
We make finding Pilates classes a breeze. People like using Pilates Near You because it's quick, easy to use and accessible on any device. Pioneered in the UK, the platform has grown rapidly and its now available to Stateside Pilates businesses for the first time.

What's different about Pilates Near You?

The platform includes a Pilates class finder that delivers results fast to people looking for Pilates classes near where they live or work. Unlike directories, it gives users information on class times, locations, pricing, special offers and additional useful information on the instructor or studio, to allow people to book a class online with confidence.

It's device independent meaning people can find a class or studio regardless of what phone they're using. No need to download software - it's immediately accessible.

Localization is at the core of this class finder

Pilates class listings are automatically optimised to appear on local searches. This means people can find Pilates classes on a smart phone or desktop anytime, anywhere and it's all localised.

Filters give users even more control to choose different Pilates styles or levels such as beginners mat Pilates or pregnancy classes. The platform works by delivering high quality relevant class, event and workshop search results, making it easier for people to find a class to suit their needs.

It's a major difference from free directories and review sites, many of which just offer a basic Pilates studio listing.

Up-to-date and relevant class information

Unlike most searches they work by trying to figure out what websites have on offer. They use algorithms to discover content and then rank the content by relevance to a search. Both Facebook and Google spend millions trying to deliver accurate results. However there's NO substitute for getting accurate information from the source and that's Pilates instructors or studios owners like you.

That's why Pilates Near You USA scores - we focus on delivering class information from the source.

Quality not quantity

The platform works on the basis that the quality of our information is key to the success. That's where the NearYou platform succeeds, because it monitors activity and prompts Pilates studios to keep their information up-to-date and relevant.

That's what makes it handy and useful.

An online booking system you can bank on

Making it easy for customers to find and view your class and studio information is one thing, the next step is to convert them to students and we achieve this by providing a quick and easy online booking service. In a few clicks people can book their class, get conformation and you get paid. Ideal.

The new way to market your Pilates business

In the days of technological advancement and machine learning there is currently no substitute for people. Again that's where we score, offering prompt customer service, help, support and advice.

Easy to set up and run

Setting up a profile on the platform takes around 25 minutes including setting up the payment system. Once set up it's easy to manage, add classes, change prices, add offers, events and workshops.

No need to download anything, it's easy to administrate on a mobile.

A low cost, high value platform.

Our research indicates that it's great value and has all the bells and whistles that our competitors charge extra for! It's a real alternative to the big monolith tech companies who are only interested in raking in the dollars.

Grab your business a great deal now. Get a 25% discount.

To make the decision easy we have a discounted annual plan and a free trial if you're not sure. Either way we think you'll be impressed. It's just the beginning. The quicker you join, the sooner you will benefit!
Source: Pilates Near You