Mat Classes Vs Reformers Classes

21st February 2017

Mat Classes Vs Reformers Classes
There are such a wide variety of Pilates classes available, it's not uncommon to get a little confused. This guide will help you differentiate between two of the most popular styles of Pilates, Mat classes and Reformer classes. By the end of this article, you will be able to decide which style is best for you.

What is a Pilates reformer class?

A reformer can look pretty scary at first, with all sorts of pullies, strings and moving parts that appear very complicated. In reality, it's very basic. The equipment helps to break down movements in order to improve strength.

Reformers add resistance to your work out as they're spring loaded. The springs mean the muscles will work harder and you will improve at a faster rate. The reason that the reformer is so popular, is because the resistance can be altered to match your ability. The reformer doesn't just improve strength, there are a number of pullies that can be used to stretch and improve flexibility as well as range of motion in the joints.

What is a Pilates mat class?

Pilates mat classes are conducted using exercise mats on the floor. The primary aim is to do body weight resisted movements, whilst controlling your breathing. These classes can also include equipment such as weighted balls, resistance bands and Pilates rings.

In a Pilates mat class you will develop your core strength and abdominal control, as well as your pelvic and scapular stability. A few of the benefits of this are improved flexibility, balance, body-mind awareness and sports performance.

Which Pilates class is best for beginners?

For a complete beginner, I would recommend you attend a local beginners mat class. They are a great place gain a better understanding of the basic Pilates foundations before you attend a more advanced Pilates class.

Once you are familiar with the basic concepts, I would recommend finding a local reformers class. You will be able to apply some of your new found basics learnt from your pilates mat classes, to the reformer. All of the attachments to the reformer means that you will be able to try a few new exercises, and keep your fitness campaign fresh.

How can I find a local mat or reformers Pilates class?

If you're looking for a mat class near you, or a reformers class in your local area then look no further than Pilates Near You!

There are hundreds of instructors all across America offering mat and reformers classes for all abilities. All you need to do is type your location in to the search bar and find a local pilates instructor that suits you. Once you have found an instructor you can send them a message using the contact button and they will get back to you as soon as possible.
Source: Pilates Near You