More Men should take a Pilates class!

30th June 2017

More Men should take a Pilates class!
A lot of men look at Pilates through the same lens as a yoga class. As a hobby for women. This is just fundamentally wrong.

Pilates classes are a great way of exercising for everyone, regardless of gender, age and size! More men are taking up Pilates as a way of keeping fit, but many still attach some stigma to it.

In recent years, even pro-athletes from the NFL, NBA and Golf's elite players are training regularly! So if you think Pilates isn't for men, then here's why you're wrong...

1. Improve your fitness with Pilates

The obvious benefit is to your general fitness. Regardless of whether you try a Pilates mat class or a reformer Pilates class, it will be beneficial. Pilates exercises work the deep muscle groups, particularly the abdominals and around the base of the spine. Importantly, whilst Pilates will focus on certain muscles, it won't neglect the rest. Muscular imbalance is a leading cause of injury and this is prevented if correctly trained with Pilates.

2. How Pilates can help back pain

Back pain is way more common that you might think. It doesn't matter how old you are, suffering from back pain can happen, possibly because of a sports injury, maybe your work is labor intensive or you might just be sat awkwardly at a desk all day.

The easy way to prevent or overcome it is by doing Pilates. It's a full body workout that can strengthen the muscles around the base of the lumbar spine, something a regular gym session won't do.

3. Pilates can improve your golf swing

You might not be the next Tiger Woods, but that doesn't mean you can't find room for a Pilates class each week to improve your game. There's nothing better than beating your friends on the golf course, Pilates can help give you the edge. Lot's of golfers use Pilates, including Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods himself. Golf requires movements and muscle groups that you won't use often in day-to-day life, so when playing a full round of golf, it's easy to strain a muscle or get aches. Pilates will help make you more flexible and give you stronger posture which will help prevent this. It will also help you balance your weight better to allow you to get even more power and precision out of that swing!

4. Pilates is great fun

When you think “Why is everyone doing Pilates all of a sudden?” the answer is... because it's fun! Group Pilates classes are a social experience and they are also really rewarding. Plus, it's suitable for everyone. Some people might just want to lose weight, other's may have injuries and in some cases some people have athletic goals, but the common factor is that Pilates can work for all of those people! Plus, it never gets dull, there are loads of different Pilates styles. You might start with a mat class, but there's also Reformer Pilates, High Intensity Power Pilates, Hot Pilates... the list goes on!

5. Low cost, easy and convenient!

A Pilates class isn't going to break the bank and you're not tied in like you would be with a gym membership. Plus, you can even do it at home, all you need is a mat! Although we'd advise making sure you've mastered the basics before doing that. Importantly, classes only take an hour and are set times every week, so it's easy to slot them into your schedule.

How to find a Pilates class for Men

Now, there is such a thing as a 'men only pilates class', but they're not that common, purely because Pilates is a group activity that can be enjoyed by all.

To find a local Pilates class in your neighborhood, simply download the 'NearYou' App here! and enter your location. This will show you all the events & classes near you.

You can choose your ability level and class type before searching so that you find a class that is suitable to you. Once you've chosen one, either book yourself a place or contact the instructor to find out more.
Source: Pilates Near You