New iPhone app for Pilates Studios in the USA

2nd February 2017

New iPhone app for Pilates Studios in the USA
Pilates instructors and Pilates studios can now take advantage of the fastest growing pilates trend for people who are looking to find and book classes in the States.

The launch of the NearYou iPhone app gives Pilates studios and instructors access to new students at a fraction of the cost of building your own website.


Exponential growth in APP usage and in-App purchases means it's a must have App for Pilates businesses.

Now people can find and book local Pilates classes, events and workshops from their phone, from New York to Los Angeles and the cities inbetween.

Why is it important that Pilates studios get in on the NearYou App?

How can I attract new students to my Pilates studio?

By being mobile! Not surprisingly almost 90% of mobile-phone time is spent using apps, people spend more time looking at their mobile phones than watching TV in the US.

In fact, three-quarters of people check their mobile phones at least once per hour

The NearYou App gives Pilates businesses access to new and existing students when they're using their iPhones.

Mobile search is the key

Mobile search is the key for Pilates businesses looking to survive and grow. Both Apple and Google are investing heavily in mobile search, simply because consumers want to find Pilates classes and other services on their phone without using a web browser.

These companies see integration with Apps and the content within a users app as offering a seamless experience.

If your Pilates Studio does not have an App, the increase in mobile app searches means customers wont find your business easily and that could be a problem!

Make booking a Pilates class easy

US consumers are increasingly moving to using their smart phones to buy products and services from local Pilates studios.

Offering a mobile app payment solution will help Pilates businesses attract and retain customers. Plus the payments go straight into your bank account.

Make life easy for your Pilates students

People are busy and if you want to grow your Pilates business by making it easy for consumers to buy a class or block of classes you need to tap in to this trend.

The NearYou mobile app makes it easy to attract students and take bookings. Plus the app adds classes to peoples Calendar and notifies them in advance. With integrated Apple maps making it easier for the customer to find your studio.

NearYou iPhone App - its a steal

Join the Pilates Near You website and get all of your Pilates classes, workshops and events listed in the APP and the health and fitness website.

A 3 in 1 package at this price is a great deal.

Join the NearYou App at an unbelievable low price

Inclusion in the NearYou iPhone App is included as part of a subscription to Pilates Near You. That means you can promote all of your pilates classes, events, workshops, courses and more on three great platforms for just $19.99 a month.

OR... get a real bargain. Take out an annual subscription plan for just $100 for the year.

Source: Pilates Near You