New Pilates Trends You Can Expect To See In California.

16th February 2017

New Pilates Trends You Can Expect To See In California.
2017 is likely to see a large shift away from your more traditional Pilates classes along the south coast. History suggests that these changes are likely to be most evident in Pilates classes throughout Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. These cities have always been at the forefront of change in the Pilates industry in California.

In 2017 there is one style that is likely to leave all the others by the wayside, and that is hybrid Pilates classes. These classes are a combination of the basic Pilates principles that can be blended with other fitness exercises or apparatus to create a more well rounded work out.

People are busier than ever before, rarely do they have the chance to attend a Pilates class in Los Angeles along side other fitness classes. Hybrid classes are a handy and cost effective opportunity to get all your work outs done in one session!

What hybrid Pilates classes can you expect to see in 2017?

Yogalates – 2016 has already seen Yogalates classes becoming increasingly popular. However in 2017, we predict that they'll become one of the leading fitness trends in California and that mindful exercises will the be next in thing! Mindful exercises are all about developing a greater awareness between mind and body. 2016 showed us how Yoga can reduce stress and increase the focus of the mind, if you combine it with Pilates you can create the complete mind body experience.

Piloxing – A heart-thumping combination of Boxing and Pilates! Although this was originally developed in 2009, it wasn't until the last 12 months that it really became popular. With famous women such as Vanessa Hudgens, Alexis Bledel and Hilary Duff using Piloxing classes to get in shape, it's set to be bigger than ever in 2017. Especially when you consider new styles such as Piloxing Barre and Piloxing Knockout that have recently come out.

Pop Pilates – Pop Pilates classes in San Diego are growing increasingly popular. If you're worried that your Pilates classes in San Diego have become a little mundane, then recharge your enthusiasm for fitness with a Pop Pilates class. Pop Pilates is a powerful combination of Pilates, music and dance. You will sculpt and strengthen muscles in a brand new and exciting way.

The Megaformer – Megaformer classes in LA are becoming very popular. If you've just managed to get your brain around the reformer in your local Pilates studio, then be prepared to have your mind blown. This next generation reformer is the personal favorite of Kim Kardashian and is equipped with even more pulleys, weights and levers than ever before.

App Based Fitness – With more and more people across California taking to their mobile phones to discover new ways to get fit, App based fitness classes are going to be the next big thing. One such App that was launched at the beginning of 2017 is the NearYou App. NearYou gives you the opportunity to find, contact and book classes with local Pilates instructor. Whether you're on the move and looking for a short term fix, or looking for a regular local pilates studio NearYou is bound to have something for you.

How can I find a Pilates class in California?

All you need to do to find a Pilates class in your local neighborhood is visit PilatesNearYou. Once you have done this you can type in your location, and view the profiles of the Pilates teachers in your local area. Once you have found an instructor that suits your needs. You can either book yourself in there and then with NearYou pay, or send them a message using the contact button.
Source: Pilates Near You