New Year – Find A New Pilates Style

24th January 2017

New Year – Find A New Pilates Style
Are you looking for a way to spice your Pilates practice up for the new year? Are you a little bored of doing the same routine over and over again? This article will give you a few ideas on different styles of Pilates you can try.

Of course, Pilates is a very structured form of exercise. A true classical Pilates teacher won't change Joseph Pilates routine, therefore there is only so much flexibility that can be provided. However there are always new styles of Pilates being developed that can provide something a little different to your average mat or reformers class.

Here are a few Pilates classes you might like to try this year:

AntiGravity Pilates Classes

Anti-Gravity Pilates classes are performed whilst you are suspended in mid air, using hammocks which are suspended from the ceiling. This allows you to perform some dynamic Pilates postures that you wouldn't be able to do on the Mat. Whether you're suspended from the ceiling or grounded on the floor it will offer you a lot of variety.

Antigravity Pilates shares many of the great benefits of a regular class, but focuses more heavily on balance and flexibility. It allows you to stretch muscles with no resistance and reach other muscle groups you might not have been able to before!

Hot Pilates Classes

Hot Pilates classes are performed in a room that is around 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The additional heat creates a hot and sweaty work out that is great for stretching your muscles, cardiovascular health and general fitness.

The additional heat allows you to loosen up stiff joints and muscles which is particularly good at relieving back pain. Hot Pilates has been a growing trend over the last couple of years as a result of celebrities getting on board with the idea. Since then more and more studios have begun offering Hot Pilates.

Paddleboard Pilates Classes (SUP Pilates)

If standing on a mat doing pilates seems a little tame to you.. how about standing on a paddleboard in a river?

Stand Up Paddleboard Pilates has provided a great new twist on Pilates. It is a great way to test your balance, and it's great fun! It gives you the opportunity of enjoying the tranquillity of the water whilst giving your body a great work out. SUP Pilates is perfect if you would like to improve alignment, balance, co-ordination and core strength.

Yogalates Classes

Unsurprisingly Yogalates brings together Pilates and Yoga! Many people often question the differences between Yoga and Pilates.. There are many! But with this unique style you can experience all of the benefits.

Yogalates includes the breathing and spiritual aspects of yoga with the physical aspects of Pilates. This creates a well rounded mind-body workout.

Barre Pilates Classes

Barre Pilates classes offer a combination of postures which are inspired by Pilates, Yoga and Ballet. The barre is used as a prop to help you stretch and balance whilst performing your routine.

Barre Classes are often smaller than your normal class, allowing the tutor to give you more individual attention. This is a great way to see more rounded results at a much faster pace.

During a Pilates Barre Class you can expect to improve posture, muscle definition, flexibility and aids weight loss.

How can I find a local pilates class?

Although all of these styles aren't as common as your average mat or reformers class.. they are still really easy to find! All you to do need is visit the Pilates Near You and search using your location, you can even refine your search to find one of the specific styles listed above!

Once you have found a class you'd like to attend all you need to do is click contact and send the instructor a message detailing any requirements you may have. Then you can just sit back and wait for the instructor to get in contact with you.
Source: Pilates Near You