Pilates one on one classes are suitable for men and women of all ages and levels of fitness as the pilates classes are modified to suit your needs. When you choose a one-on-one session your instructor will plan a fitness routine that's right for you.

Personal one-on-one sessions offer Pilates workouts tailored to your suit your fitness levels, experience and goals.

Pilates one to one classes are available in Pilates studios, in venues near you or in your own home.

What would your perfect Pilates workout be?

Your instructor will work out a personal Pilates fitness plan this usually incorporate a variety of core training techniques and the use of props or equipment to make your workout more exciting and challenging.

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The benefit of private pilates classes is that you have all the attention of your pilates instructor. It's a good way to learn the basics of Pilates exercises because the instructor will be absolutely focusing on your needs, helping you improve your technique helping you progress.

One-to-One sessions allow for faster progression and development and are a must for anyone requiring personal attention.

They also offer flexibility time wise. No matter if your are a busy executive, working mum or unable to leave your home you can arrange an appointment to fit your schedule.

One to one sessions are more expensive than group classes, your paying for that special personal attention that your not going to get in a group class.


Pilates personal trainers work with you to improve your core fitness. By focusing their attention on your needs they will help you attain your goals quicker than is possible in a group class.

The key benefits of attending a personal Pilates class are:

  • Personalised attention
  • Personalised training in the use of equipment based exercises
  • Focus on achieving your fitness goals
  • On going progress and fitness monitoring
  • On-going motivation

Pilates is a good activity if you want to recover from sports injury or other pains. So if you are suffering from an injury then using pilates for rehabilitation is a good way to progress your recovery. Together, doctors and pilates instructors will create a program that complements medical treatment and helps you make a strong recovery.