Pilates classes online new service

6th July 2020

Pilates classes online new service

The NearYou has just launched a dedicated digital platform for to bring the best online Pilates classes to the USA.

The new NearYou Platform features daily classes, events, workshops, courses, ClassPasses, and customer reviews from around the world.

The website is designed to make it a breeze for customers to find and book online yoga classes and buy streaming videos from some of the best Pilates instructors. Quickly and easily online.

Easy access to hundreds of brilliant Pilates teachers.

Hundreds of independent Feefo reviews, confirm that Pilates instructors are some of the best in the world.

Easy access to great online Pilates classes.

The website offers easy access to 100's of up and coming daily online Yoga classes, events, ClassPasses, and videos, a market place for digital activities.

New look NearYou website makes it easy to find onlinePilates Classes

The website utilises dark mode already a popular feature of apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Dark mode is a colour scheme highlighting activity information, videos, star ratings... as well as making action buttons stand out.

Making digit content easier on the eye.

Daily online Pilates classes

Hundreds of daily online Pilates mat classes, Pilates pregnancy classes, , over 50s Pilates, one on ones, duets, back pain Pilates, plus much more for all ages and fitness.

Plus Pilates online events, workshops,... a range of activities where you can say goodbye the COVID 19 relax and de-stress. 

How has the search for online classes changed?

To accommodate the 100's of the best online classes available daily the NearYou class search search displays Zoom classes available each day, or you can select a date.

New Pilates Search Tools

New activity filters have been added now more prominent, easier to use and faster. Additional filters have been added to allowing visitors to look for classes by type, for example Pilates or Yoga mat classes and choose a level for example “Yoga Mat class for beginners”.

Zoom Pilates Classes Daily

The digital platform uses zoom to deliver interactive yoga classes and activities with 100's of daily zoom classes on the website and mobile app. Personal interactive classes that will invigorate, and improve lives.

Book an online Zoom class on Near You best.

NearYou “one click” join a Zoom class.

Book a class on Yoga Class Near You and join the class direct from your account. No need to wait for email reminders with todays zoom class. 

Customers can use the Zoom connect service just login to your customer account to join a zoom class. Go to your calendar, bookings, or class pass area, choose your class and click the join button.

It takes you straight into your online zoom class.

New customers can create a NearYou account here. Its free to join, no membership fees, no set up fees just “Pay as You Go”.

Streaming Pilates Video

The website features videos, allowing visitors to view and buy videos series. Offering the same high quality viewing as you have come to expect on Amazon, and Netflix.

Get your daily yoga classes on your iPhone, iPad or android devices. Watch in 4K, or HD, high quality videos made by independent instructors.

Buy online and watch video yoga videos anywhere anytime in the NearYou account area.

The best Pilates classes at your command

NearYou is empowering the best yoga teachers to reach millions of people worldwide. Join the best Yoga class finder join NearYou today.

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