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Pilates studios offer a wide variety of classes with classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. A growing number of Pilates studios offer specialized classes such as sports injury Pilates, rehab, remedial Pilates, prenatal Pilates and postnatal Pilates.

Pilates studios offer mat classes and equipment based Pilates exercise sessions. Exercise equipment such as the reformer, tower, Cadillac, barrels and mats are used to develop core strength, as well as targeting muscles to stretch, strengthen and lengthen.

Studio class sizes can range from large group class to one on one private sessions, depending on the studio. Many Pilates studios offer courses for men, seniors and children, introducing students to specially styled exercise sets that are only taught in Pilates studios.

Pilates studios provide you with more customized and personal services compared to Big Box fitness centers. Specialist Pilates and Yoga Studios are growing rapidly across the USA, up 18% in the last 5 years. Positive interactions between the instructor and students are an important component of success. From East coast to West coast and all points in-between there's bound to be a Pilates studio near you.

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Never tried Pilates? Not to worry! Pilates studio instructors will help you by explaining the exercise routines and giving you the knowledge required to get the most from Pilates exercises. Instructors can help you prepare a Pilates exercise program tailored to your fitness level and experience. Whether its by attending a one-on-one class, group class or an equipment based Pilates class.

The goal is to improve your posture, exercise your core muscles, improve your movement, and for many, relieve pain associated with physical imbalances such as back pain.

Pilates beginners can look forward to flat abs, strong backs, toned buttocks and thighs.

In a beginner's class, you will always have an instructor supervising your exercises.

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Usually after 10 weeks or so practicing at the beginners level and mastering the beginner level exercises, you will be able to move up to intermediate classes level.

Intermediate level classes includes the basic level exercises with the addition of higher level exercise so that you can enjoy the fuller spectrum of movement. An intermediate level Pilates class focuses on building strength and stamina alongside control and precision.

Your development will be followed by the instructors of your Pilates studios and instructors to be sure that you are working to the correct difficulty according to your skills.

At the Intermediate level you will practice more complicated poses which will require you to have absolute control of the basics of Pilates, such as breathing techniques, posture and balance.


An increasing number of Pilates studios offer specialized sessions to help you recover from sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, postural dysfunction, neck and back pain, and medical conditions. Pilates is a great low impact fitness regime.

It is also often used as a good addition to medical treatment and is regularly now recommended by medical professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists or osteopaths.

Enthusiastic exercisers, mum’s to be, seniors, sports enthusiasts, athletes and anyone recovering from injury or pain can benefit from attending a Pilates Studios who offer specilaist rehabilitation classes and sessions.

WARNING NOTICE: If you are pregnant, suffering from a medical condition or taking medication, consult your health practitioner first! Your Pilates instructor will assess your condition in consultation with your medical practitioner. You will learn how to move efficiently, giving you strength, control and physical durability.

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