Prepare for the ski season with Pilates

17th November 2016

Prepare for the ski season with Pilates
All across America, ski resorts are now opening there doors, for some people this means they need to start getting their bodies prepared to cope with an exhausting winter on the slopes.

Unfortunately, a lot of people will have spent the time since the last ski season sitting behind desks, and will be heading off to the slopes with no preparation. Skiing for long periods of time is very challenging, therefore skiing without preparation is likely to lead to muscle stiffness and other injuries.

Luckily for you, specialist Pilates classes for skiers have been designed to prepare them for their time on the slopes and ensure their body doesn't let them down. Pilates classes will help prevent common injuries such as lower back pain and knee problems.

Here are the areas that Pilates can help:

Flexibility for Skiers: If you were to fall whilst out on the slopes and your body is tight and stiff from the previous days skiing you are more likely to suffer from a serious muscular injury. Stiff muscles will also impede on your movement meaning you won't ski as well, your muscles need to be supple and flexible.

Muscle Strength for Skiers: It is essential that skiers have strength in their legs and arms. If you want to be able to ski for long periods of time, and then get up and do it again the next morning you need to be in great shape. I'm sure you've felt the soreness and experienced the difficulty of walking down the stairs after a days skiing!

Good Posture for Skiers: Skiing involves being able to hold the correct posture for long periods of time. One of the key elements of Pilates is holding certain positions before smoothly flowing in to the next one. This discipline makes it the perfect exercise for skiers.

Body Awareness for Skiers: Pilates teaches you to be aware of your body. Each position is analysed thoroughly and you are taught to feel when your body is correctly supported. It is exactly this kind of awareness that is required to ensure you don't get your skis crossed!

Good Balance for Skiers:The ability to keep your balance whilst flying down the slopes amongst other groups of people is pretty essential!

Good Core Stability For Skiers: It is essential that skiers have strength in postural muscles around the pelvis, shoulder blades and trunk to ensure that their body is working in unison and efficiently. It will improve your ability to ski for long periods of time and move with more precision.

What can you expect in a Pilates for skiers class?

The focus in any specialist skiing pilates class will be on the essential joints and muscles that you'll be using whilst out on the slopes. In most classes the exercises will be performed on half foam rollers to mimic the balance demands of skiing and ensuring that it is replicable.

A primary focus is learning exercises to specifically strengthen the calves, buttocks, thigh and upper arm muscles. These are the muscles that work hardest in skiing. You will also be able to increase your cardiovascular fitness so you will be able to ski for longer of periods of time, and at a higher quality.

Why take my word for it?

Most people turn up to Pilates in trainers, or bare feet. Olympic Skier Julia Mancuso attends classes in her ski boots!

'Pilates helps my brain remember correct body positioning for when I'm on the slopes'.

'I've been injury free for three years now, thanks to neuro-kinetic Pilates'.

Where can I find a specialist Pilates class for skiers?

Are you determined to make sure you have your best winter yet out on the slopes?

Luckily for you, Pilates Near You has a wide range of specialist skiing pilates classes all over the USA. These teachers specialise in teaching Pilates for skiing, as well as other winter activities such as snowboarding.

All you need to do to find a class is search using your location on the Pilates Near You website and choose one of the many pilates instructors in your local neighborhood that you feel is the best bit for you. Once you've found the right instructor for you, all you need to do is click contact and send them a message with your specific requirements.