Professional Football Players Are Using Pilates To Up Their Game

31st January 2017

Professional Football Players Are Using Pilates To Up Their Game
Pilates is well known for being particularly popular among women, who use it to tone and improve their overall well-being. Over the last few years however, we have seen a shift in the people using Pilates. Pilates classes for men are becoming increasingly popular!

In fact, over the last few years many professional athletes have begun to work it in to their training sessions. You might be shocked to hear the athletes that have embraced Pilates the most.. football players! But when you really think about it.. it does make sense!

Why do football players do Pilates?

Pilates is specifically designed to build core strength, improve mobility and flexibility, as well as coordination. All of these factors are critical to an NFL athletes game. Not only will this improve their performance on the field, Pilates also reduces the risk of injuries and improves recovery time. This has helped many football players extend the lengths of their careers.

The Washington Red Skins and the Pittsburgh Steelers have both incorporated Pilates in to their training regimes. The have found that Pilates has helped to elongate their players muscles, increase motion and the teams have suffered from less injuries as a whole. Pilates has proved to be especially beneficial to players who play in highly mobile positions, for example the wide receivers.

Which football players practice Pilates?

Calvin Johnson

In 2007, performance coach Tom Shaw recruited a local Pilates instructor to work with his NFL draft hopefuls. He wanted to supplement their their hard work in the gym and on the field with something that might help them relieve muscle tightness and tension.

Calvin Johnson, the six foot five, 240 pound receiver was was among the players who were receptive to Pilates. He primarily worked on muscle efficiency, core strength, hip/hamstring flexibility and balance. At the end his course of Pilates sessions, Johnson spoke to Sports Illustrated and said “we learned the more flexible you are, the faster you're going to be" .

Nate Burleson

Whilst Nate Burleson was still at the Detroit Lions, he discovered Pilates was the answer to counteracting the tightness he felt from lifting weights. “Lifting makes you tight” he told CBS Detroit, Pilates made his muscles more flexible and it also benefited his ligaments and tendons.

Burleson went on to say that "What most guys are doing now, they're Pilates as a preventative measure, so it's almost like 'prehab' in a sense".

Peyton Manning

Not many people know that Manning practiced Pilates. You might remember him from when the Indianapolis colts wrote him off with a career ending injury. Manning incorporated Pilates in to his rehab routine.. and came back one year later taking the Broncos to the play offs!

How can I find a Pilates class?

Thanks to Pilates Near You, there are a wide range of Pilates classes available across the whole of the USA on one easy to use site. All you need to do is search using your location. You can even refine your search so you only see sports specific Pilates classes. You will then be able to view the profiles of your nearest Pilates instructors.

Once you have found an instructor you like, you can contact them and send them any questions you may have. If you're using Pilates to improve your athletic performance they will be able to tailor a session to you!
Source: Pilates Near You