Put an end to back pain with Pilates!

30th November 2016

Put an end to back pain with Pilates!
Pilates isn't just a celebrity work out, or training for athletes. It's a great fitness method that can have great benefits for anyone. It doesn't matter whether you're 15 or 85, Pilates is a great way to get fit, become more supple and meet new people.

One of the biggest benefits of Pilates is that it can be use to recover from injuries, it is particularly useful for those suffering from back or spinal conditions.

One of the biggest benefits of Pilates is to relieve back pain, an issue that costs the NHS more than £1 billion a year. In fact, $86 Billion was spend on back and neck pain medical bills last year.

Pilates for back pain

Back pain is an every day problem that 80% of people have had to deal with at least once in their life. In fact, it's so common it accounts for more sick days than anything else. Back pain is a chronic problem that should be taken seriously.

If you're an employer it can be extremely frustrating, because it is entirely manageable! More and more Pilates teachers are offering work place pilates that can reduce sick rates amongst staff. Just a couple of sessions a week could help office workers get over the aches and pains that cause them to take time off work.

What is the most common cause of back pain?

Unfortunately, the most common cause of back pain is something that most of us do every day, and that's sitting in a chair, at a desk whilst reading something on a screen. Slumped backs and bad posture create an imbalance in the spike, when placed under pressure the muscles can become weak, making them more susceptible to tears, strains and pulls that can leave you stiff and sore.

Chronic back pain is often a consequence of awkward and sudden movements, or lifting something too heavy. Pilates is designed to build flexibility and body alignment, as well as strength. This means the body is more forgiving when it comes to sudden movements. Strengthening muscles in equal proportion also allows the body to recover at a faster rate.

For most women, Pregnancy can cause back troubles. Carrying around a baby and having to support the additional weight can cause an imbalance in the muscles in the back. Finding a local prenatal pilates class is a great way of strengthening the muscles in the spine to cope with child birth. They are also a great opportunity to meet like minded mothers to be who are going through the same process and can share they experiences with you.

How to find a Pilates class

Pilates classes are increasing in popularity, this is largely because they are now universally recognised as a low impact and low cost method to improve injuries such as back or neck pain.

There are many experienced and qualified Pilates Studios and instructors across the USA that specialise in remedial and rehab Pilates classes. Many also offer local one-to-one Pilates sessions if you would like a more personalised injury rehabilitation plan. If you would rather attend a local group Pilates class, there are a wide range of classes available. There is likely to be a pilates mat class in your neighborhood, or you could challenge yourself slightly and find a local reformers class or tower class.

Finding a Pilates class in your neighborhood is really easy! All you need to do is visit the Pilates Near You homepage and search using your location! This will display the profiles of the nearest instructors to you. After that all you need to do is find one that suits you and send them a message using the contact button.