The Benefits of Pilates for the Senior Population

2nd November 2016

The Benefits of Pilates for the Senior Population
For the older population keeping fit is essential, however many forms of exercise have been proven damaging to the bodies of senior adults. For this reason, many are turning to Seniors Pilates Classes held at their local Pilates studios in order to keep fit whilst reducing the risks of injury.

Many experts have agreed that Pilates is the best form of exercise for seniors as it focuses on quality of movement, not quantity, and controlled breathing.

What are the benefits of pilates for seniors?

Pilates Increases Stability and Balance

Pilates largely focuses on developing strength and flexibility in the core and the trunk. These areas are linked with dynamic balance. Dynamic balance is the ability to counteract an imbalance with greater speed to avoid a fall.

The elderly suffer from less falls than the average child, however when they do fall they are more likely to injure themselves. This is because they are less supple than the children. It has been proven that if an elderly person calls after a course of senior's pilates classes they are less likely to injure themselves.

Monash University conducted a study containing 53 elderly people who participated in a 12 week course of senior pilates classes. Before this their GP's provided records of fall rates to compare after they attended Pilates sessions.

Fall rates were 42% lower, and falls that were injurious were 64% lower. They concluded that taking seniors Pilates classes meant they were less likely to fall, but when they did they were less likely to hurt themselves as they were stronger and more flexible.

Throughout the study 95% of people attended the majority of the classes because they found seniors pilates classes enjoyable.

Pilates can be a social event

As someone grows older their social mobility tends to decrease, it is harder to make new friends as you meet less people on a day to day basis. Thanks to Pilates Near You it is really easy to find seniors pilates classes in your local neighbourhood. This means that you can meet like minded individuals from the surrounding area.

Having engaging conversations and learning something new can also reduce the risk of developing mental disorders such as Alzheimer's or depression. Senior Pilates classes can also have physical benefits such as reducing the risk of lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of arthritis and cardiovascular problems.

How can I find a local seniors Pilates class?

Are you tempted to learn something new or do you have a friend who might enjoy Pilates? Then visit Pilates Near You!

Pilates Near You makes it easy to find seniors Pilates classes in your local neighbourhood. All you need to do is visit the website and search using your location.

You can then contact the instructors by sending them a message using the contact button. They will be more than happy to give you a call or send you an email and let you know anything you need to about the classes.