The benefits of Pilates on day to day life

17th March 2017

The benefits of Pilates on day to day life
Do you find it difficult to complete day to day tasks? Does picking up the l laundry basket, or sitting at a desk for a long long cause you aches or pains?

For most people, it does. You're not alone! Many people suffer from similar pains that make it tough to complete daily tasks. There is a solution though, taking a couple of Pilates classes a week can go a long way towards improving your condition.

How Pilates Classes Can Help Day To Day Life

Pilates offers a wide range of medical benefits for all sorts of people. Not just those looking to tone their tummies!

Back Pain – Back pain effects people of all ages. Long periods of bad posture can really leave your spine feeling weak. Pilates is designed to strengthen the muscles around the spine and core to help prevent you doing any damage. It will also make your back more flexible. This means you can stay sat at your desk for longer, or even hunched over playing sports such as rugby without suffering from as much pain.

Flexibility – It's surprising just how much being flexible can improve your day to day life! People who have supple muscles are less likely to suffer from pulled or strained muscles.. A recent study showed that although a course of Pilates didn't significantly reduce falls amongst seniors. There were less injurious falls. This shows how people with more supple muscles were more hardy.

Sleep - If you're recovering from injury or illness, sleeping well is essential! A recent study in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies found that Pilates can improve sleep patterns, lessen broken sleep cycles and reduce day time sleepiness.

Improves your mood - Pilates creates an endorphin rush, this can significantly improve your mood. It's not just a brief rush though, there is a sustained pleasure from living in a fit, flexible and pain free body.

Great for Cardio - People often accuse Pilates for not being a cardiovascular work out. What they don't realize, is that Joseph Pilates was an asthmatic. His exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles surrounding the chest and the rib cage. If you really want to improve your cardio you should combine Pilates with another form of traditional cardiovascular exercise such as running or cycling.

Improves your Core - Pilates very much focuses on creating a strong core. This is where all of your day to day movement is driven from, your glutes, inner thighs and abdominals. If you want to move efficiently then this is essential.

It's a whole body thing - It's rare to complete a movement that only works one muscles. Commonly it's a group of muscles working together. So why only train one muscle if you're in the gym? Isolated strength isn't necessarily useful strength. Pilates translates in to whole body functional strength.

How Can I Find A Local Pilates Class?

Are you ready to do what it takes to improve the quality of your day to day life? Well all you need to do to find a local Pilates studio is visit Pilates Near You. There are a wide variety of classes including Pilates Mat Classes, Pilates reformer classes, Pilates Classes for over 50's and much much more.

All you need to do is search using your location and take a look at all of the local Pilates instructors. Whether you're looking for Pilates classes in Los Angeles or Pilates classes in New York, there will be something for you.

Once you have found a pilates instructor in your local neighborhood make sure you check their qualifications. Especially if you have back problems etc. It is also advisable to consult with your doctor.

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