Which Style of Pilates Equipment Classes Are Best For You?

2nd March 2017

Which Style of Pilates Equipment Classes Are Best For You?
Over the last few years we have noticed a huge increase in the different styles of Pilates equipment classes that are being advertised amongst studios. Unfortunately, this means that picking the right class can sometimes be a little bit complicated! Which type of equipment is best for you?

Luckily for you, this handy guide will walk you through all of the different pieces of equipment that are on offer!

What different styles of Pilates equipment classes are there?

Pilates Mat Classes – The Pilates Mat is the most basic form of Pilates equipment there is. Pilates Mat classes are are the perfect classes for a beginner. This involves doing a variety of exercises to increase your core strength and flexibility using your own body weight on the mat.

Pilates Magic Circle Equipment Classes – Pilates Rings can be used during a basic Pilates mat class to increase your workload. The increased resistance will help build bigger and stronger muscles and greater overall body tone. It will also help you remain injury free whilst improving your balance.

Pilates Exercise Band Classes – Once again, these are an easy piece of equipment to incorporate in to your mat classes. Exercise bands are very popular because they can be used for such a wide variety of movements. They are largely used to build flexibility, mobility and to prevent and recover from injury.

Chair Pilates Classes – Also known as Wunda Chair Pilates classes. This was invented by Joseph Pilates and you can now find entire classes devoted to Pilates exercises on the chair. These classes are perfect for people who struggle to support their own body weight. If you're elderly, or lacking in mobility – Pilates chair classes will offer you the support you need.

Pilates Reformer Classes – Before attending a Pilates reformer class is advisable for you to attend a basic Pilates mat class first. The reformer could come across as complicated, with all sorts of pullies, strings and moving parts. In reality, it's not too complicated. The equipment helps to break down the movements in order to improve specific strength.

In addition to improving strength, you can also improve flexibility and range of motion in your joints.

The important thing to remember is, whatever type of Pilates you do you will enjoy it!

Where can I find a local Pilates equipment class?

Whether you're looking for a local chair Pilates class, or a reformers class near you, there is one handy website that pulls in local Pilates teachers and studios to meet your search criteria. That website is Pilates Near You.

All you need to do is search using your location and you will be able to see the Pilates studios near you. You can then refine your search to find specific Pilates classes you're interested in. Once you have found an instructor and a suitable class, you can use the contact button to enquire to the teacher.

Using your mobile phone? Download the NearYou App and find a studio in just a couple of taps!
Source: Pilates Near You