Why are Pilates instructors are choosing to run their own business?

29th December 2021

Why are Pilates instructors are choosing to run their own business?

Becoming your own boss and owning a Pilates business can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

New work opportunities for Pilates instructors

The impact of COVID has had a huge impact on the fitness industry. It has has opened up new opportunities for independent Pilates instructors. The growth in Zoom classes, video on demand, has been enormous.

These developments have opened up new markets and audiences.

Why are Pilates instructors are choosing to run their own business?

The "Great Resignation" is a phenomenon hitting many corporate businesses. Employees are questioning their roles, their lack of freedom, pay, work flexibility and the long term opportunities on offer.

Now Pilates instructors can run their own online businesses, for a fraction of the cost of bricks and mortar gyms and studios.

Sure, it may take some planning and budgeting, but people are starting to realise that it’s worth it.

How can I start my own Pilates business with a small outlay?

Starting your own Pilates business is easy. Qualified Pilates instructors are in demand. What many lack is the marketing, systems and business support to make the dream reality.

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Thats where the NearYou platform kicks in.

For a small outlay it provides the marketing and booking services, customer management that enables fitness instructors to complete with the bigger gyms and studios.

A fully automated turnkey system, that puts independent Pilates instructors on the same professional footing as big box gyms and studios for less than a £ or $ a day!

Pilates instructors make the right move join Pilates Near You

If you are ready to learn more and jump into your new path, simply reach out to us today. We would be happy to discuss our turnkey business solution with you and explore the possibility to welcome you onto the NearYou platform franchise network.

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