Why you should put the Pilates Studio ahead of the Gym in 2017!

10th January 2017

Why you should put the Pilates Studio ahead of the Gym in 2017!
Don't waste your money this January

As soon as January rolls around, millions of people from all over America will begin signing up to gyms. The gym has always been the first port of call for all of us during our regular new years fitness campaign.

Is it more cost effective than other forms of exercise though? Hundreds of thousands of people every year will sign up to the gym based around a sudden moment of inspiration. In a couple of months time however, a huge chunk of these will have lost interest. Gyms owners are well aware of this! That's why they tie you in to long term contracts.


Hundreds of thousands of people get overly ambitious in January and sign up to long term gym contracts, often this is the only kind of contract available in January. The thousands of people who leave the gym after a few weeks inevitably end up paying for nothing.

There is another option

What you need is something more flexible.

A brilliant alternative is Pilates Near You. Local Pilates instructors are more likely to give you the option of choosing which classes you would like to attend, and book them around your schedule.

Not having the pressure of monthly payments allows you to be a little bit more flexible and try varying classes. There are thousands of fantastic classes, special offers, events and workshops to choose from

Pilates Near You makes it easier than ever to find a class near you. Have a free evening? No problem. Just use the refined search on Pilates Near You and find a Pilates class that's running in your local area tonight! Even better.. it only takes you a couple of seconds to contact an instructor!

Spoilt for choice

Pilates Near You places a wide variety of different styles of Pilates available in your local area all in one convenient place. Whether you want to take a beginners mat class, recover from injury or try a more advanced Pilates equipment class. You'll be able to find a local studio that offers what you want.

Learning different styles is a great way to stay engaged with your new year resolution and to keep your motivation up. It's much easier to stick to your new years resolution if you love what you're doing!

How can I find a Pilates class?

All you need to do is visit Pilates Near You and search using your location. You will be able to see a wide range of Pilates instructors in your local area. You can then take your time to browse the profiles and find a class that offers what you want. Once you've found one, you can send the instructor a message using the contact button and wait upon their call!

It really is that easy!
Source: Pilates Near You